24 oct 2009 Open Toulouse

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Eric Orrao number ONE in IBFA ranking

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Eric Orrao is  now number one in the world for IBFA federation. Eric joined IBFA in 2006:

after 28 international events:

1 st place 6 points
2nd place 5 points
3rd place 4 points
4th place 3 points
5th place 2 points
6th place 1 points


1. ORRAO ERIC. France 67 points. going up
2. VERGIANI ANTONIO. Italy 65 points.
3. VERNATI ASCANIO. Italy 61 points.
4. GUCANS JURIJS. latvia 46 points.
5. ROMBONI ANDREA. Italy 42 points. going up
6. RAMOS ANDRE’. France 40 points.
7. CALIOLO PASQUALE. Italy 36 points.
8. SOLIMENO SALVATORE. Italy 34 points.
9. MADZAROVIC DUSKO. Slovenia 33 points.
10. MONTALTO UMBERTO. Italy 30 points.
11 ZMAGO KARNER. Slovenia 29 points.
12 BENNARDO ALFREDO. Italy 25 points.

Eric Orrao

New victories for Eric Orrao

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Sapri Italy 5-6th July 2009:

  • IBFA Universe Championships 2009 1st place Over 45
  • IBFA Europe Championships 2009 1st place Over45 + 1st place Tall Class + Overall

Eric Orrao in Bronze

Eric and Patrick is ready for Sapri

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Two weeks before competition:


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Ce trophee recompense ceux qui ont aime et fait progresser le culturisme toute leur vie, nullement besoin d’etre un champion, il faut avoir respecte et  fait avancer ce sport toute sa vie, c’est pour moi une recompense enorme, plus qu’une recompense de concours car le on recompense plus ma tete que mes muscles.
Cette recompense me sera remise le 4 juillet a Sapri en italie, ou pour une fois je serais en costume et surement tres emu pour faire mon discours.
Je remercie tous ceux qui m’ont aide dans ce sport et ils sont nombreux.J’ai toujours respecte notre sport et honnore et je l’aimerais toute ma vie.
Merci de m’avoir lu.
IBFA: View topic – GRIMEK AWARD 2009 to Eric Orrao

I am on the Poster of Mr.Univers in Sapri

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Athlete of the Month

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Eric Orrao at Univers Gym

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The “due torri” contest in Italy

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There was 19 athletes including 2 professionals in this contest. I won 4th place and I am very happy with that result. Next year i will only do this contest and the IFBA World Championships.

Eric and Linda in the uk magazine HEALTH AND STRENGTH

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